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-Joey Diamond


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Rihanna.  Beautiful artwork.  #masterpiece #rihanna #fenty #riri #rihannanavy

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well I think its time to write something. Since ive been doing exactly nothing. Im actually really bored. And dont really go out maybe I might just make a blog. Juat yo tell others my story.

My names Ezekiel Stowers im 17 years old and I am an typical bi sexual teen. Im an femme bi guy which is basically a guy thats feminine. Yup im those types of guys I may not look it in my pics but I sure am. I was born new zealand n moved to australia therefore I am currently living in aussie. I honesyly love this country many opportunities.  I go to a school named springwood shs and to be very honest its tha most wierdest school ive evee been to. I don’t kno why but it has a really different vibe to all the other schools ive been to.

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Surfers paradise this beach is amazing. #dayout #beach #waves #surfers #paradise #legs #love #blog im starting to actually bl9g up about things. :)

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"Ask me a question… ANYTHING YOU WANT!"


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